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The Strike's rod controller adds new depth to videogame fishin'

Tim Stevens

Like bass fishin'? Sure, we all do, but we're not always lucky enough to be able to get out to the lake whenever we want. Enter the fishin' videogame, a genre that by all rights should be tediously awful, but yet has proven to be amazingly popular (why, even Link is into it). The latest and greatest looks to be The Strike from Griffin International, and part of what makes it special is a motion-sensing rod attachment that works a lot like a longer Wiimote with a reel for hauling in your big catch. It has rumble and force-feedback so you can feel the strikes and, while it seems less than instantly responsive on G4TV's video embedded below, looks set to offer the most immersive virtual fishing experience yet. Game and rod on the Xbox 360 will cost $69.99 (it'll hit Wii and PC too), but sadly you're going to have to wait until the end of 2009 to get your feet wet in this one.

[Via Crave]

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