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Wii video service launches in Japan May 1, features DSi connectivity


Nintendo has launched the Japanese site for the "Wii no Ma Channel," the video service the company is launching with advertising producer Dentsu. The site offers a launch date for the free channel: May 1. A series of videos on the site helps explain all of the slightly weird features.

The channel takes the form of a family room, around which up to eight Miis from one system can gather. Clicking on the room's TV accesses the video download service, which will include both free and paid content. No programming has been announced yet, though one of the videos after the break uses nature show footage as an example. Clicking on a houseplant will take users to the sponsor area, where they can find free trials of services and special offers from advertisers.

The Wii no Ma Channel is also usable on the DSi, via a free app called Dokodemo Wii no Ma (Anywhere Wii no Ma). This app allows users to download video from the Wii to the DS, as well as sponsor coupons. In the video, a coupon for a fast-food restaurant is downloaded to the DSi, to be scanned from the screen!

[Via Andriasang]

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