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Ericsson ready to shell out heroic Sony Ericsson cash infusion if necessary

Chris Ziegler

Hot on the heels of a dismal quarter, half of Sony Ericsson's gene pool -- Ericsson -- swooped in with reassuring news (well, somewhat reassuring, anyhow). CEO Carl-Henric Svanberg mentioned before Ericsson's annual meeting this week that his company is ready and willing to pour cash into the joint venture "if necessary," which would certainly seem to put some additional weight behind words from SE marketing manager Richard Dorman that there's no schism forming between the parental giants. Amusingly, the reason for Svanberg's commitment seems to be that the company views Sony Ericsson as its connection to end users, which gives them a better sense of how to tweak its bread-and-butter offerings -- infrastructure. That's right, Sony Ericsson, you're just a pawn in Ericsson's multibillion-dollar game; how does that make you feel?

[Via mocoNews]

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