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Redrock Micro Hybrid Cinema Rigs turn DSLRs into filmmakers

Darren Murph

Yep, you heard right -- the DSLR is totally the new camcorder. With the reality being that most mid- and high-end DSLRs from here on out will tout at least 720p movie modes, Redrock Micro is looking to make the most of a most opportune situation. The DSLR 2.0 line of its Hybrid Cinema Rigs enables the Canon EOS 5D Mark II, Canon EOS Rebel T1i, Nikon D90, and Panasonic Lumix HG1 to become filmmaking machines (at least on some level), and as we've seen, DSLR filmmaking is no laughing matter. The company sells all sorts of racks, rails and shoulder mounts, with solutions starting for as little as $195. Look, you've been putting off making that dust-collecting screenplay into a masterpiece of cinema for ages -- what legitimate excuse do you really have now?

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