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Scratch: The Ultimate DJ drama continues as 7 Studios countersues


The tangled web of developers, publishers and the various lawsuits between them, has just gotten that much more complex as 7 Studios countersues Scratch: The Ultimate DJ publishers Genius Products. According to court documents obtained by The Cut Scene blog, 7 Studios is asking for $1 million in damages, allegedly attributed to a variety of "unlawful and unsavory business practices."

Among them, 7 Studios alleges Genius Products repeatedly delayed production of the game, didn't deliver various assets on time (music, that is), considered creating a Nintendo Wii version of the game (then subsequently canceled it), and when things didn't work out, tried to cut and run. In so many words, 7 Studios is accusing Genius of asking them to create a game without adequate support and then, when the game was nearly finished, trying to shop it out to other publishers. We've reached out to all parties involved (repeatedly) and, like the Cut Scene blog, heard nothing back. We'll update this post accordingly if we hear anything, but at this point, we're suggesting that you don't hold your breath.

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