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Image credit: hacked, trojan may have spread to visitors' computers


The folks behind our favorite high school lifestyle sim/dungeon crawler series, Persona, are apparently having some internet woes. It seems that yesterday, a "third-party entity" hacked Atlus' website (currently still down) and managed to embed a trojan that, "may have made its way" onto the system. The publisher is guessing that those who may have been affected by the trojan would have visited its website between 9AM PST and 2:30 PST, give or take.

While we're used to whacky press releases from Atlus, this is most certainly not one of those. If you believe you may have been affected by this trojan, the company implores you to "run malware removal software," though, more than likely, you probably aren't reading this if that's the case, eh? All jokes aside, Atlus does seem to sincerely apologize, stating, "The faith and trust of our fans is of the utmost importance to us, a responsibility we don't take lightly." Here's hoping the dirty, dirty haxxorz didn't get to you!

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