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BioShock movie gets budget cut, 'in a holding pattern'


The bad economy just won't stop showing up in our news posts these days. First we get predictions of months of down sales, and now we get news that the Gore Verbinski directed BioShock film adaptation is stuck "in a holding pattern." Variety is reporting that Verbinski and production company Universal are looking at possibly moving the currently in pre-production film to outside the US to "take advantage of a tax credit," allegedly looking at moving production to London from its current Los Angeles locale.

Additionally, according to Variety's sources, some of the pre-production staff has been let go while the budget restructuring takes place. The studio (and Verbinski himself) have vowed to not allow the BioShock movie to succumb to the same fate as the perpetually on-again, off-again Halo film. As BioShock is one of the few games we could actually see making a really interesting film, we're hoping they're not just pulling our chain.

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