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DICE explains the wait for Battlefield 1943 on PC


After revealing that the PC version of Battlefield 1943 would release over two months after the XBLA release, DICE is attempting to cool the heads of angry PC fans on the EA forums. Producer Gordon Van Dyke explains that Battlefield 1943 will be the first PC game to use DICE's Frostbite Engine, which was already used to create the console exclusive Battlefield: Bad Company.

Van Dyke states that the PC's open nature requires more features and support and adds that the game "can't just be thrown out there using copy/paste." DICE was aware that there might be backlash from PC gamers, but Van Dyke notes, "We feel once you play the first Frostbite PC game ever from DICE you'll see why we put this extra time and care in on the development making all right again in the universe."

We'll find out in September.

[Via Big Download]

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