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EA denies NFL lawsuit rumors


Responding to questions regarding allegations made by retired NFL player Bernie Parrish, perennial Madden publisher, EA, told that it is, "Not aware of any legal action." Parrish wrote an open letter recently to the 2,062 retired NFLers who won $28 million in a lawsuit with the NFL last January, asking that they each put $1,000 of their stake from the last victory into a "litigation War Chest."

Considering the tenacity of the folks involved (the $28 million was won in appeals court, mind you), we think it may be worth pointing out that they may just not be organized yet -- after all, the statements made by Parrish were published just over one week ago. Either way, EA seems to contest the allegations, stating, "This is a dispute between the retired players and their union." Another lawsuit it is then!

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