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ESA Canada employs games to push anti-piracy legislation


In an effort to ... ahem ... coolly persuade Canadian members of Parliament towards passing future anti-piracy legislation, the Canadian ESA hosted 10 "MPs" this past Tuesday in Ottawa. With the intention of "updating politicians on the condition of the Canadian gaming industry," the event showcased a variety of games developed in Canada and helped to educate lawmakers on the effects Canadian game development has on the country's economy, according to

Danielle Parr, executive director of the ESAC, told the MPs that Canada is the, "third-largest game developer in the world, behind only the U.S. and Japan" and urged them to pass legislation banning the sale of mod chips, apparently still not illegal in the country. In hilariously stereotypical fashion, MP Mike Lake "took a break from playing the popular video game NHL 09" and spoke to the event's cause, saying legislation should be passed "in this Parliament," which is to say by 2010. This is a decidedly different tactic than those employed in the past by the ESAC and seems to be significantly more effective, no?

[Via GamePolitics]

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