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Texas Gov. signs game developer tax break bill into law


When he's not busy keynoting major industry events and extolling the virtues of his state, Texas Governor Rick Perry is a swell guy. Further incentivizing the aforementioned game industry types, Mr. Perry just recently signed into law a bill that will extend the 2007 initiatives, according to the San Marcos Daily Record.

House Bill 873 looks to increase state grants available to a variety of digital mediums, including games, film and other commercial prospects. The state is hoping the bill will encourage game development companies and film studios (among others) to bring their work to Texas, which Perry backed up by saying, "We are strengthening our state's investment in a vital industry that not only shows off our state to the rest of the world, but also draws investment and creates jobs for Texans." Considering the poor economy and tightening budgets, we're fairly certain this bill will work as intended.

[Via GamePolitics]

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