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WRUP: What a long, strange trip edition


Though not everyone 'fessed up to it in this week's WRUP, I'm pretty sure there's a simple, one-word description for what we'll all be doing this weekend: Noblegarden. Ulduar's been out for weeks now, but Noblegarden is going to be brand new this year. And while not everyone may admit to running around hunting colored eggs, the proto-drake that awaits us at the end of this long, strange trip is getting closer every holiday. So what does the WoW Insider team admit to playing this weekend?
  • Adam Holisky: My girlfriend and I will be paying good money to take a small white ball out to a very flat field filled with holes and swing at the aforementioned ball with a very hard metal stick. I'll then come home and try to earn another thousand gold over the weekend.
  • Alex Ziebart: Ulduar 25. Wednesday night we cleared up to where we left off last week, so we have Sunday night and Monday night free to kill new bosses. Very exciting!
  • Allison Robert: The game is still crashing my computer too much to properly enjoy doing much of anything there. I'll be writing a special edition of the OverAchiever for Noblegarden while wondering if I'll actually get to enjoy the actual in-game event.
  • Daniel Whitcomb: I'm plugging along on the Argent Tournament, and I should finish out my Gnomeregan champion status at some point this weekend. I'm also thinking of buying a pair of heirloom shoulders and powering my Druid through to 80, but I am torn between grabbing Feral or Healer shoulders, so I may just run heroics until I can afford both. Also, I'm getting into Wintergrasp some, if only to grab the Mammoth for achievement purposes.
  • Eliah Hecht: I gave my Warlock a new spec (and Cold Weather Flying) as a level 77 present, so I'll be Incinerating my way to my fourth level 80 character.
  • Elizabeth Harper: Noblegarden!
  • Elizabeth Wachowski: I'm still running into the getting-disconnected-every-few-minutes problem, so I'll probably be playing Oblivion and watching my boyfriend accidentally blow himself up with grenades in GTAIV.
  • Jennie Lees: I'm going to be playing a lot of in-game Peggle.
  • Matt Low: Ool-doo-ar. Perhaps some sleep here and there too.
  • Matthew Rossi: Between continuous bouts of bad news I'm running Ulduar -10, having cleared up to Yoggy in 25 man this week. Hoping for a full clear of 10 this weekend, and then we can start on hard modes. I'm also re-playing Jade Empire because I like to kick things in the face but society frowns on it.
So, what are you playing this weekend?

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