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Alpha Protocol vid declassifies speech trees and handlers


Alpha Protocol appears to be coming along nicely and we're slowly getting excited for its planned October release. The latest video from developer Obsidian shows off the RPG's speech tree and some of the different "handlers" in the game. It's a nice touch that mission options and information change depending on which handler the player decides to align with.

Humor us, though: doesn't the protagonist seem awfully "generic white boy?" We're talking Mass Effect box art guy + Fracture lead + Bourne. We're hoping this is more like the Mass Effect cover issue, where the promo materials all had one "Commander Shepard," but the actual game allowed a canvas to paint the protagonist. Considering Alpha Protocol is a modern, western RPG, it'd be nice to have choice in who we can play as. But, that aside, we're ultra keen to see more of the modern spy RPG.

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