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Director complains about making Xbox video content


Though James Gunn's Xbox Live short dropped on the service last year, the director is just now voicing his distaste with the way Microsoft treated his production. The piece, named Sparky & Mikaela, was part of the Horror Does Comedy series released in late 2008. "I wasn't too happy with the version of S&M that was shown on XBox [sic], as they cut the living s**t out of it," he writes.

He also notes that S&M wasn't his first attempt for the game publisher, saying he made "the most balls-out, f*****d up thing [he's] ever shot," named Humanzee, which was flat out rejected by Microsoft. While he voices his steadfast love for the system as a gaming platform, he calls the company, "the most dreadful, non-talent friendly company I've ever worked for" -- and one we're guessing he won't likely work with again.

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