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Japanese hardware sales, April 13 - April 19: Complete edition

As most of you have probably already heard, the tides of this week's Japanese Hardware Sales war were violently shifted by a mere bonus feature emblazoned onto a certain Blu-ray disc. Okay, fine -- the Blu-ray disc in question was the highly anticipated Advent Children Complete, and the feature was an even highlier anticipated demo for Final Fantasy XIII, but still. If the insightful director's commentary on Weekend at Bernie's II caused a spike in Xbox 360 sales, you'd find that a tad curious, no?

Though the console sales figures are continuing to drop at a slow but steady pace, this demo-fueled PS3 upswing gives us some hope. Can you imagine what those figures are going to look like when the full version of FFXIII hits Japanese store shelves? We're not certain our trusty TI-89 can calculate percentage change when a number jumps from 30,000 to a hundred-million bajillion.

- PS3: 62,527 45,826 (274.39%)
- PSP: 40,065 821 (2.01%)
- DSi: 38,287 2,386 (5.87%)
- Wii: 13,221 128 (0.96%)
- Xbox 360: 8,652 1,482 (14.62%)
- DS Lite: 6,438 431 (6.27%)
- PS2: 4,230 301 (6.64%)

[Source: Media Create]

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