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Norwegian King refused child's Sonic X name change request


The normally kind king of Norway, whose subjects have some of the most opulent health care on the planet, has destroyed one young man's dreams by not granting the loyal vassal's completely reasonable request to change his name to -- wait for it -- Sonic X. The 6-year-old boy named Christer probably should have hit up Queen Sonja. Harald V responded to the boy's request by informing him he should submit his request to the proper government authorities when he turns 18. Ain't that a sow.

In all seriousness: It's good to see that King Harald V didn't give into what could have been a PR coup for Sega. His Majesty should at least get a brown envelope full of kroner under his throne before selling out like that. Young Christer now has no choice but to wait 12 years. Poor kid, hopefully he'll have his name change granted then.

[Via What They Play, Insulin Funk]

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