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Weekly Webcomic Wrapup is tardy to the party

Yes, dear readers, we know -- this particular edition of the WeeWebWrap is about 24 hours past-due. We've got a good reason for its tardiness, though to hide said reason's boringness, we've hidden it well within these pre-prepared excuses:

  1. The author of this feature was competing in a high-stakes, around-the-world hot air balloon race.
  2. The computer belonging to the author of this feature went kaput yesterday.
  3. The author of this feature was kidnapped by the Yakuza.
  4. The internet was closed yesterday.
Here's our seven favorite webcomics from last week. Vote for your favorite after the break, and tell us which strips we unforgivably excluded in the comments! We've also got last week's winners posted after the jump! There's a lot going on back there.

Holding Forth (Sidescroller)
Ray's Adventures in Dating (2P Start)
High Horse (Digital Unrest) [Context]
Drugs or Video Games, You Be the Judge (Dipswitch)
Maybe Too Soon (Penny Arcade)
Peppy is Even More Everywhere (BitF)
Nerd Rage (VG Cats)


Last week's winners:

1st Place: Borders (xkcd)
2nd Place: Sonic and the Social Network (2P Start)
3rd Place: Birth of a Sackboy (Dueling Analogs)

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