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Bethesda confirms publishing duties for Wet, coming Fall 2009

The rumors were true! Bethesda Softworks confirmed in a press release today that it had picked up the publishing rights for Artificial Mind and Movement's gun-and-sword-toting action title, Wet. The fate of the game was imperiled by The Great Vivendi Franchise Culling of 2008, though we're pleased to hear it won't be wandering the vaporware wasteland much longer -- according to the release, Wet is set to moisten PS3s and Xbox 360s come this fall.

As an interesting aside, the press release also reveals that Buffy vet and current Dollhouse star Eliza Dushku will provide the pipes for Wet's armed-to-the-teeth protagonist, Rubi Malone. Oh, you picked Faith to voice your sassy, violent femme? Way to think outside the box, guys.

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