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DSiCade brings free games to your DSi browser


If you're like us, then you've probably been enjoying Dr Mario Express and trying to find a place where you can enjoy WarioWare Snapped. And that's probably where your free 1,000 DSi points went, so how else can you enjoy free games on your DSi? Enter

DSiCade allows you to play games on your DSi through its browser, as well as chat with other members on the site through the Shout Box! feature. The site itself is kind of bare bones at the moment, with only Missile Command and Simon Says clones available to play, but based on how well these games play, we'd say you should keep an eye on the site. We're no Simon, but we say that this will be a great destination for your DSi's browser in the future -- when there's more content on offer.

[Via Pocketgamer]

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