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Rumor: Friend Collection sounds 'Sim'ilar to an existing game


Retailer Gamestar has offered the first details about Nintendo's bizarre DS-based Mii interaction game, Tomodachi Collection (Friend Collection). We knew it involved Miis, specifically Miis resembling Nintendo executives, but not much else! These details should be considered rumors for now, simply because they aren't from Nintendo, but Gamestar does have a boxart image for this game, so it probably received this info from Nintendo.

Gamestar's description makes the game sound even more like The Sims than Animal Crossing is. In Friend Collection, you create a Mii, or import one from the Wii, who moves onto an island populated by Miis. Your Mii can form friendships, and even fall in love and get married with other island Miis. Your real family's Miis can be imported and given personalities like the real people.

You will be in charge of taking care of your Miis, by giving them food, playing games with them and giving them advice. The game also features a TV channel, which plays the news twice a day.

[Via Siliconera]

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