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WoW Moviewatch: World of Warcraft Instructional Video


You might remember Wowcrendor from It's a Hard Gnome Life. That piece was a comedy satire about many of WoW's most interesting little quirks. Well, Wowcrendor's back, with a new piece that will help us cynics have a cold chuckle at our own folly. The World of Warcraft Instructional Video actually had me laughing out loud.

This simple instructional video involves brief cuts from gameplay, but also features two very important voiceovers. The first voice is "Billy," a complete and total newb to the game. Billy's not even sure what the difference between melee and ranged DPS. The instructor, by comparison, shares a deeply voiced "insider's view" of the game. The instructor's helping Billy with everything from how to name his character ("Orcosaurus") to how to avoid grouping with PUGs.

The video is satire, and insightful satire at that. Almost every joke and instructional portion made me chuckle, thinking of some of the more hostile and unhelpful responses I've seen in Barrens chat. Part of the reason I find it so funny isn't that it's unreasonably over the top, but that it really seems, sometimes, like there's someone teaching players to act this way. It's like this video could be real, and that frightens me.

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