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Capcom's Spyborgs resurfaces, fresh video and screens


Having dropped off the radar to undergo a significant overhaul last year, Capcom and Bionic Games' Spyborgs has reemerged much, much prettier. The design has changed dramatically, dropping the original bright and cutesy look for something darker and (slightly) more mature. Granted, it's not nearly as gritty as, say, Gears of War, but it's definitely different. Also, while the title appears to retain some of its intended Saturday morning cartoon camp, the mini-games -- which were made to look like television commercials -- are nowhere to be seen.

Check out a new trailer above and peruse the new screens in the gallery below. The gallery contains our shots from the old version of Spyborgs too, so you can see how different the game has become.

Gallery: Spyborgs (Wii) | 24 Photos

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