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Joystiq interview: ZootFly talks Mr. T

Justin McElroy

The most important news story of this or any other week is clearly the revelation that ZootFly is crafting a game in which Mr. T will team with Will Wright to fight Nazis. Since there's been no title announced, we're going with This Is The Citizen Kane of Video Games So Shut Up About "When Will Video Games Get Their Citizen Kane?" Please ... or Mr. T: The Game for short.

We asked ZootFly CEO Bostjan Troha the most pressing questions we could think of about the game, and he was kind enough to answer. Enjoy.

Will huge gold chains be collectibles?

Not only will they be collectible they may be used as a weapon.

If huge gold chains aren't collectibles in your game, how will you be able to sleep at night?

Sleep? We're game developers. The concept of sleep is not a topic I'd find familiar enough to discuss.

If not gold chains, what about Mr. T cereal?

If they're crunchy, then I feel more at home. Crunch time is something I can go on and on about.

How much longer do we have to wait before we play it?

We're looking for a good publisher to pick up the game. Then time starts to fly as fast as Mr. T's dukes, so, to answer your question, not long. In the meantime, why don't you check the Mr. T graphic novel?

In his bouncer days, Mr. T's business card read, "Next to God, there is no greater protector than I." Any chance you could have him say that in the game?

Actually, the graphic novel by Chris Bunting sees Mr. T as a bodyguard extraordinaire who sports the legendary business card. ZootFly would be a fool not to have Mr. T say the sentence.

Will any of Mr. T's teen gymnast companions from the Mr. T cartoon appear in the game?

Maybe ... If they treated their mother right. Otherwise, no way!

Will combat be hard to balance when the world knows that a single punch from Mr. T could kill any living thing?

It took one World War and six years for the Allies to zap the Nazis, so I think Mr. T will be able to accomplish this in about 15 hours of gameplay.

We almost hesitate to ask, but, will fools be pitied?

Every fool deserves a pit.

Will the Mr.T Flavorwave Oven be a weapon in the game?

I don't think Nazis will use such sophisticated hardware in the game. As per Mr. T, he only needs his knuckles.

Do you ever feel bad for other games that have to be released in the same year as Mr. T: The Game?

Mr. T would pity such games, but I am just scared of letting Mr. T down.

Thanks, Bostjan!

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