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Rumor: 1UP reveals details of next PSP, called 'PSP Go!'


No, the lingering rumors of a new PSP haven't been confirmed, merely joined by another rumor. According to 1UP's "sources," the PSP is going to get a lot more exciting this E3, with the unveiling of a new hardware design (and an exclamation point!) In both a news story and the at1UP podcast (reportedly -- if it was there, the podcast has since been edited to remove it), the site describes a new PSP called the PSP Go!, which loses the UMD drive and adds a fancy sliding screen. The system will come in two variants: one with 8GB of internal memory, and one with 16GB.

1UP says that "over 100 classic and new PSP titles" will be available for download at the system's launch -- including Gran Turismo Mobile, which instantly makes this rumor harder to believe. The PSP Go! will purportedly Go! to stores in Japan this September, with a North American release to follow "in either late October or early November."

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