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The Daily Grind: Your favorite Heroic or Villainous memories?

Has it really been five years since we started patrolling the streets of Paragon City, searching for villains to defeat in City of Heroes? Our calendar says yes, even if those first memories seem like yesterday. In the last five years, we've seen lots and lots of missions, defeated tons of enemies, made even more friends, gone badge hunting, Invented, built bases, danced at Pocket D, and so much more. This morning we thought we'd ask you what some of your standout moments from the last five years of City of Heroes - and the later addition City of Villains - are?

For me personally, I could name a couple dozen moments without batting an eyelash, but there are two things that I hold up as being memorable moments. The first was doing the entire Positron TF arc with only three people early in the game; it took us five evenings to complete. (Yes, we were insane, and no, we had no idea what we were getting into when we started - the game was still new.) The second thing that sticks out to me was the fun of being one of the original TaxiBots on Virtue. (TaxiBot 7, who I still have.) I remember writing out complicated 'story' macros and teleporting people around for badge tours, or hanging out in zones like The Hollows back when the zone was much more dangerous, and other players could use a friendly recall to the Atlas Park gate.

Now, with the ball rolling - what are your favorite moments from the last five years? Tell us your super tales!

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