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VC/WiiWare Tuesday: WarioWiiWare


Between Virtual Console and WiiWare this week, Japan has seven new games to download. Well, six if you don't count Konami's WiiWare edutainment screensaver thing (which also acts as kids' introduction to offensive DLC) as a game. And 79 if you do, and also count each available minigame in Asobu! Made in Ore. It's a big week, is what we're saying.

WiiWare is especially sparkling this week, with the aforementioned Asobu, which lets players upload and play games made in the DS Made in Ore (also out this week), as well as the Japanese debut of Bit. Trip: Beat and the Harvest Moon WiiWare spinoff. As for Virtual Console, we're hoping to see Banamco's arcade sci-fi track and field game Numan Athletics make the long, long, long jump out of Japan!

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