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Star Trek Online executive producer Craig Zinkievich discusses ship customization

James Egan

The concepts behind Star Trek need no introduction to its legion of fans well-versed in the various films and TV incarnations of this particular sci-fi IP. Given how zealous science fiction fans can be about continuations, offshoots, or reboots of their favorite properties, we've been curious about how well Star Trek Online will match up with player expectations, especially given the disappointment some Trekkie gamers have had with older Star Trek titles of the non-MMO variety.

That said, we're always looking to find out more about what Star Trek Online will offer MMO gamers, whether they're Trekkies or not. Cryptic Studios has been releasing bits of the game's lore which we hope will give us an accurate picture of where the game sits in the Star Trek timeline. We've also came across a Star Trek Online interview that might interest you. Gareth Von Kallenbach from Skewed and Reviewed recently interviewed Star Trek Online's executive producer Craig Zinkievich, who discusses some of the customization options that will be available to players in STO.

He mentions that even the purely cosmetic ship customization options should be interesting. "There are more than a dozen different starship classifications – we call them configurations – on the Federation side. Within each of these configurations you can customize your ship's appearance. Switch out the nacelles, the pylons, the saucer, the bridge, change the color details or windows ... the team has done some incredible stuff!" says Zinkievich. He adds,"Our goal with the configurations is to let players create the ship they want, but also to help other players know what kind of ship someone has and what it can do at a glance. 'I know that's an Akira configuration, so I know about how powerful that guy is. I know what his ship can do'."

Zinkievich also discusses functional ship customization in Star Trek Online as well, stating that your particular combinations of weapons systems, deflector dish configuration, and the ability to shift or divert power between weapons, shields, and propulsion in the heat of battle will create a "paced and tactical experience. Positioning, timing, power levels, monitoring your shields, and utilizing the abilities of your bridge crew are all important to being successful in starship combat," Zinkievich says.

The Skewed and Reviewed interview with Craig Zinkievich also touches upon other facets of Star Trek Online such as resource gathering and navigation via wormholes and transwarp conduits, and we'd say it's worth a look for our readers eager to hear more about STO.

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