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AoC's April game director letter: roll a new level 50 in the next patch

William Dobson

Age of Conan's game director Craig Morrison has penned a 'state of the game' letter for April, primarily to discuss progress on the upcoming patch 1.05. Undoubtedly the biggest piece of information to come out of the letter is the news that players will be able to create a new character that starts at level 50 when the patch hits. There are, of course, a couple of caveats to this; the option is only available to players that have a character who is level 50 or higher, and it only works once. Players who reach level 50 for the first time after the patch will also get their chance to roll a new 50 of any class, but it sounds like it's a one-per-account offer, not per-character.

Morrison explained that the re-roll is being offered so that people can try out a new class with updated 1.05 feats and skills, without enduring the first 50 levels again. Some form of concession on feat re-training will also be given so that players can decide how to tackle the new options available to existing characters. Morrison leaves us with the hint that more news relating to character options will be revealed come May, around the time of AoC's first anniversary.

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