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MetroPCS working with ZTE on LTE-based smartphone

Chris Ziegler

It's still pretty wild to think that scrappy lil' MetroPCS -- a carrier known better for ultra-cheap phones, regional coverage, and no contracts than it is for high-speed data -- intends to roll out its first LTE markets in the same year as Verizon, but hey, we definitely like their moxie. Of course, live LTE networks require LTE hardware, and it turns out that the company is hooking up with ZTE to make that happen. MetroPCS already enjoys a healthy relationship with the Chinese manufacturer, but the LTE tie-up should serve to strengthen the bond -- not to mention the fact that they're looking to move upmarket by introducing a smartphone with "a large screen and an HTML-compatible browser" according to Forbes. Sure, on paper, you might say that you'd rather have an HTC device, a Pre, or an iPhone -- but how's your willpower going to be treating you when MetroPCS is offering 50Mbps tethering?

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