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Patapon producer 'listening to' requests for PS3 version, more sequels

Kevin Kelly

Patapon 2 is finally coming to the PSP in North America. While associate producer Chris Hinojosa-Miranda couldn't precisely explain why the title has taken so long to reach its final destination, he did say that the added time provided more focus on localization and translation. (Even still, we manged to spot a few lingering instances of "Engrish.")

Hinojosa-Miranda told us that the development team continues to get requests for a downloadable PS3 version of Patapon that features online modes, which he says the studio is "listening to." The team is also looking at licensing out more of those popular Patapon plush dolls (in case you missed the first batch). Will there be a Patapon 3? "There's such a critical love for Patapon, the characters, the story overall, and the music especially ... there's a good chance that the franchise will continue," Hinojosa-Miranda suspects.

Expect our Patapon 2 review shortly.

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