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Peter Moore says EA Sports is 'under-performing' on the Wii

In the past, Peter Moore has hinted at the tenuous relationship between the company he helms (EA Sports) and Nintendo's three-DVD-wide home console (the Wii). Yesterday, the leader of the highly athletic development studio fully acknowledged EA Sports' lackluster sales performance on the Wii in an interview with Eurogamer, stating, "when I look at the attach rate on the Wii of our software to where I think we should be, we're under-performing still, we need to do much better."

Moore is hoping to claim a few extra slices of that sweet Wii pie with the studio's upcoming MotionPlus-infused sports titles, Tiger Woods 10 and Grand Slam Tennis. Of course, we can't have a story about Mr. Moore without one of his trademarked Awesomely Ostentatious Quotes: "Those two titles couldn't come at a better time for us, nor for Nintendo quite frankly." Oh, yeah. That one's going up on the fridge.

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