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Prince turned down Guitar Hero, prefers kids 'learn how to actually play'


When Prince isn't busy changing his name, starring in Hollywood movies, or giving your mother hot flashes, he enjoys making music. Nowadays, he's hawking his latest album at your local Target, which is the reason PBS caught up with the man for an interview.

The interview is pretty extensive, spanning a great deal of Prince's illustrious career, but of most interest to the gaming crowd are surely Prince's thoughts on Guitar Hero. When asked, Prince said, "Well, I ain't mad at them. I hear it made, like, $2 billion and they came to us and offered us a very small portion of that," which Prince, obviously, turned down. Prince thinks, "it's more important that kids learn how to actually play the guitar," even though he says it's incredibly tough to learn. According to him, the payoff is the joy of creating something from nothing.

Prince thinks that making music is the best thing in the world, but we think he's overlooking one important fact: You can create music with Guitar Hero's instruments.

[Via superannuation]

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