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Apple's affectionate, slightly starstruck Twitter HQ profile


What's the microblogging trend that pits Ashton against CNN? Yes, it's Twitter -- you can dig it, and apparently so can Apple. The social-media darling is the subject of a glowing profile on Apple's Business site, bearing the humble and understated headline "Twitter. Triumph of humanity." Mmm-kay.

Aside from the slightly over-reverent "here's to the crazy ones" tone, the profile is quite interesting; it points out that Twitter's development team overwhelmingly prefers the Mac, and that the baked-in Ruby on Rails support in Mac OS X is vital. Several team members use the MacBook Air as their primary development machine (many running the so-good-it-hurts editor TextMate), and the overall theme of 'minimalist elegance' is cited as a common philosophical thread for both companies. Twitter founder Biz Stone even admits that, while other handset vendors have offered the Twitter team free phones, the staff remains fiercely loyal to their iPhones.

While we do love Twitter around here, and you can't blame Apple for wanting to highlight the Mac brand in the light of the blue birdie's buzz, I have to wonder if the linkage between these two companies -- both touted by critics as promoting style over substance, and both slagged for being 'cool' at the expense of actually being useful -- is strategically advantageous to Apple.

[via Techmeme]

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