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Nintendo price-fixing fine reduced by 30 million euros


In 2002, the European Union levied a €167.8 million fine against Nintendo and a group of distributors for artificially boosting prices of Nintendo hardware and software from 1991-1998. Nintendo's share of that: €149.5 million, an amount that Nintendo described as "unfair, illegal, [and] even shocking" (and yes, we did imagine that being said in Mario's cheerful voice).

Thankfully for the financially strapped company, the European Union judges who heard Nintendo's appeal agreed and have reduced Nintendo's fine to €119.4 million. Nintendo cooperated with the court, providing required documentation when asked, in response to which the court decided to award Nintendo the same discount that UK distributor John Menzies received for its cooperation.

Finally, things are looking up for poor Nintendo.

[Via Edge, image via Mitchelaneous]

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