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Rumor: PSP Go! to use Memory Stick HG-Micro or something like it


PC World's Game On is reporting that its "sources" have "hinted" at the storage medium for the rumored PSP Go! Refuting the claim that the device will ship with on-board Flash Storage, the blog suggests that it will make use of the Memory Stick HG-Micro format announced at CES, although it's not clear from the wording if that "expanded" version of the current Memory Stick Micro (pictured) is the exact format or just an example.

"Think something like the Memory Stick HG-Micro," Game On's Matt Peckham said, "with a 60MB/s transfer rate, approximately 40MB/s faster than original Memory Stick Duo." Tiny memory cards would be great -- if this news turns out to be real. It contradicts what we'd already heard about the system, and we don't know who's got the facts straight. For that matter, we don't really know if there are any facts involved. We're talking rumors about rumors.

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