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Turtles in Time remake in development for XBLA, possibly PSN and WiiWare


The 25th Anniversary Tour for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is traveling across the country right now, and reports are rolling in from those lucky enough to stop by one of the locations that a remake of Turtles in Time is currently in development.

The Alpha build of the game is being demoed on the Xbox 360 throughout the tour, but we're getting reports it could possibly makes its way to PSN and WiiWare as well, though there is no confirmation of that right now. One of our tipsters pointed us to the Twitter account for Hyperfludd (who stopped by and snagged some pics), but we've also found other sources confirming this game's existence.

Turtles in Time is arguably the best Turtles game ever, so remaking it is definitely a smart idea. Kind of like putting peanut butter on pizza.

[Via Gamerbytes; Thanks, Daniel!]

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