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Century's all-in-one dock gives your netbook a greater sense of value

Ross Miller

For those who need a little something more from their netbooks, at least while at home, Century's all-in-one dock should help out in that department. It fits just under the little laptop and features a pop-up fan to help with cooling, 8x DVD-writer, and a slot for a 2.5-inch SATA HDD or SSD drive, because let's face it, your digitized copy of the complete Doctor Who series probably isn't gonna all fit on your portable. It's compatible with XP and Vista, but no word on how well it'll jibe with Linux. It looks to be on sale now in Japan for ¥9,980 (US $100), and if you're needing some more intimate shots, Akihabara's got a hands-on with it.

[Via Everything USB]

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