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Fallout from Fallujah fiasco continues


Atomic Games' head Peter Tamte hasn't said much since his company's game, Six Days in Fallujah, was dropped by its publisher, Konami, this past week. Other than saying his team is still interested in completing the game, Mr. Tamte has done little to stand behind Atomic Games' foray into "documentary-style" gaming. Though during his keynote at the Triangle Game Conference this week, Tamte asked the crowd, "Are we really just high-tech toymakers, or are we media companies capable of producing content that is as relevant as movies, music and television?"

Expounding on the reasons Six Days in Fallujah stands up to the relevancy of the aforementioned mediums, Tamte said, "It is the dilemmas you face, and the choices you make, that give you insight into the events that are shaping our world in a way that no passive form of media can." For instance, when we choose which limb to eviscerate on that super mutant barreling down on us, right? Okay, maybe not. He continued, "We hope that Six Days in Fallujah will have the opportunity to change expectations of what a video game can be." Though we're more than a bit wary of Mr. Tamte's lofty expectations for the game, we've yet to get our mitts on it and will reserve our judgment until that day comes.

[Via GamePolitics]

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