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Hi-Rez Studios VP Stew Chisam on what to expect from Global Agenda

James Egan

The people at Hi-Rez Studios are the creators of Global Agenda, a 'spy-fi' mix of massively multiplayer online game and a shooter. Although Global Agenda is still a ways off from a release date, fan sites have already been established, notably Global Agenda Mission Control. The Mission Control community recently posed some questions to the Global Agenda creators, and Stew Chisam, Hi-Rez Studios Vice President of Game Operations, was happy to respond. Chisam provides updates on Global Agenda's fiction, which is fleshed out in two stories so far -- The Utopian and The Cure for Life.

He states that Global Agenda's lore will be there to establish backstory, but the game experience isn't necessarily story-driven. "You'll see that the players themselves drive the drama and action inside of the game," he says. "It's their interactions with each other and the alliances they choose to make that really create the 'history' inside the game and drive your progression forward as a character."

Chisam also discusses the extent of customization in the game, how Hi-Rez plans to avoid the pitfalls of other shooter/MMO hybrids that haven't made it to market, character and agency advancement, as well as Global Agenda's web tracking system which will detail both player and agency stats and progression.

If you're hoping to hear more about the game from one of the senior staff at Hi-Rez Studios, look no further than the Global Agenda Mission Control interview with Stew Chisam.

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