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The Daily Grind: Who will your nemesis be?

Yesterday, I got a request on Twitter from Karlmageddon, asking for a Daily Grind based on Champions Online, as he 'can't wait for that game!' As many of the team here at Massively are in the same 'can't wait' boat, we're only happy to oblige!

As was recently featured, Champions Online's Nemesis System allows you to build your very own personalized supervillain enemy. This morning we're going to ask a question that we've kicked around here on several occasions - just precisely what is your nemesis going to be like? Our head honcho, Shawn, said that while he's not exactly sure what he'll do, his nemesis "would have something to do with ice and cold and snow, because [he hates] the cold." Kyle, staff writer and graphics go-to guy, says "for my first character, and his/her Nemesis - I'll probably make an evil cybernetic shark. He'll be a bulging hulk of muscle and metal, armed ideally with lasers for added deadliness and humor. I may call him Blast Shark, Gazer Fish or Killo-Whale. In the event of the last name, he will of course no longer be a shark." Me? I'm going to see if there's something approaching a velociraptor in there somewhere, since we all know they're just waiting to wipe out humanity. How about you? What's your Champions Online nemesis going to be like?

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