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Weekly Webcomic Wrapup celebrates Free Comic Book Day

It's probably too late to capitalize on the day's festivities if you haven't already done so, so we certainly hope you lot had the presence of mind to go grab some free funny books at your local funny book retailer today. Using a pre-planned circuit between the local comic shops and a variety of fake mustaches, we ended up harvesting enough Archie comics to last us 'til this time next year. Hopefully, your Free Comic Book Day was just as fruitful.

Below are our seven (also free!) favorite webcomics from this past week. You can vote for your favorite after the jump, or leave a comment telling us what strip we may have missed. Or you could just brag about the illustrated haul you brought in earlier today -- though we can't imagine it compares to our Archie treasure trove. That Jughead is hee-larious.

The New Champ (Burn The Internet)
Nomenclature (Digital Unrest)
A Reasoned Assessment (Penny Arcade)
Bioware Confidential (Virtual Shackles)
Captain Falcon Carpools to Work (BitF)
Stepmom (Hiimdaisy's Livejournal)
I Wanna Take You For a Ride (AVGW)


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