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Weramouse V2 and V3 are a trackball / trackpad to have and to hold

Ross Miller

Sometimes it's a bit refreshing to find a handheld mouse that doesn't track your motion, just in case you feel like waving your arms wildly and not having it screw up your apps. The Weramouse V2 handheld trackball mouse works wirelessly from up to about 26 feet away, using what we gather is a USB dongle to sync. Its Li-ion battery is claimed to be good for up to 28 hours and charges via USB. Cost is $99 NZD, which translates to $56 in US dollars. At one point the site listed a V3 model with a trackpad -- same specs otherwise, with a $199 NZD / $113 US price tag -- and while it's since been removed, the product page is still available via the great halls of the internet archives.

[Via Technabob]

Read - V2 with trackball
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