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Breakfast Topic: How's that whole child thing going?


It's Monday morning at eight o'clock in the ae-em. Do you know where your kids are?

Mine is safely wrapped up next to me sitting at the inn off the bank in Dalaran.

How's the whole Children's Week thing going for you? I've gotten all the achievements done with the exception of School of Hard Knocks. It seems that no matter what battleground I go in there is always someone willing to not play by the rules the rest of the team agreed to and jump in front of folks to get the achievements, or the battleground resemble what Jon Stewart might call a "cluster of fun to the flag."

I'm hopeful that this is just the behavior of less mature folks unable to follow rule #1, and that these things get better during the day time hours of WoW. Usually I find that the people who are on at eleven in the morning are more mature than the average player, and that means a better experience for myself and everyone.

The other interesting thing I've encountered is Home Alone stacking. Each time they'd use their Hearthstone, they'd get the achievement and the points again. When they logged off however the misbegotten points were gone. There was some talk briefly of having some fun with this and raising their achievement score to something ungodly like 10,000 points – but we figured they'd just be banned for exploitation (unlike some folks).

So how about it WoW Insiders? What's your little pipsqueak up to?

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