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HTC Touch Pro2, Snap coming to Telus -- with GSM in tow?

Chris Ziegler

New inventory items in Telus' system are setting these old, weary interwebs ablaze, especially those parts of the interwebs where HTC devices are discussed with great love and passion. Specifically, the Snap and Touch Pro2 have made appearances -- not surprising, considering we know other CDMA carriers have these on the roadmap already -- but what's extra delicious here are the "World Edition" tags listed in the description field. That would imply that these are dual-band devices capable of supporting GSM abroad, which is music to any globetrotting suit's ears and a surefire way to sell a few more of these biz-oriented things. We've received similar inventory screen shots corroborating Boy Genius Report's which makes us even more certain they're on their way -- it's just a question of when and for how much.

[Thanks, anonymous tipster]

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