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J Allard to be Dr. J, but not the Dr. J you're thinking of

Justin McElroy

If no one else will volunteer, we'll be the ones to say it: We miss J Allard. If Microsoft ever needed a bald-by-choice, too-cool-for-the-room-as-long-as-that-room-is-at-E3 spokesperson, it's now. But if The Man in The Hoodie and Sports Coat is ever returned to us, we'll need to address him as Dr. J Allard, or Honorary Dr. J Allard, if you want to be a dick about it.

Allard's alma mater Boston University will give him the degree (which is just as authentic as his image) on May 17 alongside Larry Bird and Steven Spielberg. Will Allard mark the event by performing a Triple Lindy into the nearby BU pool? We can dream.

[Via Giant Bomb]

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