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Retro Game Challenge 2 localization unlikely


Are you ready to be depressed? We were having a perfectly good morning until we came across this RPGamer interview with XSEED's Ken Berry. After some discussion of Little King's Story and the loss of Muramasa (a result of financial troubles), the interview turns to Retro Game Challenge 2 (Game Center CX 2), the one thing we've wanted most from XSEED since, well, the release of Retro Game Challenge.

"We're getting by, but not doing as well as we'd like," Berry said about the sales of the first game. "Retro Game Challenge started off well but still hasn't gotten to the point where we can justify bringing over the sequel. It's amazing how many people write to thank us for publishing that game, so perhaps as those enthusiast fans continue to spread the word we will get to where we need to be eventually."

With the addition of things like alternate-console versions of Retro Game Challenge games, 16-bit games, and even simulated Game Boy games, Game Center CX 2 looked like it could be even better than the first one, which was already one of our favorite games of 2009. And since RGC2 includes an RPG and two graphical text adventures, it's not exactly the most import-friendly thing.

In more positive news, XSEED plans to announce an "enhanced remake of a classic PSone RPG" soon for North America!

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