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The Daily Grind: Games with potential

One of the things people chalk growth in an MMO up to is the strength of the IP - especially when you're talking about an established IP in popular culture like Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Star Trek, etc. Of course, some others will point out that there's something to be said for a completely new experience with an interesting story or idea behind it. City of Heroes, while based on comic books, wasn't based on any one comic in particular. EverQuest was general fantasy. World of Warcraft, while based on the Warcraft RTS wasn't nearly as much of a pop-culture buzzword then as it is now.

Assuming all games have good mechanics - do you think that having a well-known IP can offer more potential in terms of creating an MMO these days, or do you feel that a well-timed new concept with a fresh new IP would do better? What particular games do you think have the most potential - and are they new franchises, or old, established stories already well-known to popular geekdom? Will it take a new spin on an old IP to really make things interesting in terms of upcoming games?

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