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The9 releasing World of Warcraft clone or Warhammer Online?

Lesley Smith

The9's loss of publishing rights for World of Warcraft in China has been in the news quite a bit. Surrounded by rumours of bankruptcy in the wake of losing their biggest license, the company survived and it has plans. Now both the Wall Street Journal and our sister site are reporting about their newest venture: World of Fight.

At the moment all we know about this mysterious new title comes from the trailer website. For starters the teaser site uses a font familiar to anyone who plays WoW. Indeed the web address itself ( is but a letter away from the official Chinese WoW site. However that weird stargate-esque contraption is straight out of a Warhammer Online starter area and The9 is partially owned by giants Electronic Arts -- who also publish Warhammer in North America. It could easily be a cheap ploy to get gamers interested in a WoW clone or a legitimate teaser site for Warhammer with a terrible Chinglish title. We won't know for sure until the 'gates' open but when that could be has not yet been disclosed. We'll bring you more as soon as we find out.

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