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A "carebear" perspective on embracing Darkfall

James Egan

Darkfall Online has a deserved reputation for being a hardcore PvP-centric massively multiplayer online game. The aggressive nature of Darkfall tends to make some gamers shy away from the title, particularly those whose comfort zone is in the PvE that other titles on the market offer. So then, is Darkfall a game that only appeals to the established hardcore PvP'er or can it hold some allure for a wider MMO audience?

We came across an article at today that may help answer this question, written by their Darkfall Correspondent Kelly Price titled "Darkfall: The Conversion of a Self Proclaimed Carebear" that we feel is definitely worth pointing out. Price caught our attention since much of what's written been written about the game on various MMO sites tends to be somewhat negative (or outright slagging) from the standpoint of people into more PvE-centric massively multiplayer online games, while PvP'ers have taken to Darkfall like fish to water. It's refreshing to see Price's perspective on the game, that of a (self-described) 'carebear' embracing the play experience that Darkfall offers.

She writes, "Starting out in Darkfall Online is a bit like staring at a blank page. The palpable potential and nearly infinite possibilities are quite overwhelming. Because of this, it will take some time for the general MMO community to warm up to it, but once the initial culture shock wears off this game's greatest weakness will ultimately end up being its greatest strength."

Price goes on to describe aspects of the game from a newbie's perspective, ranging from the game's environments to the skill system, while addressing some of the reasons for Darkfall's negative reviews from some of the gaming press and MMO bloggers. Have a look at Kelly Price's "Darkfall: The Conversion of a Self Proclaimed Carebear" for her angle on the game, which may differ from other accounts you've read in the past.

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