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Dead Space Extraction 'glow worms' offer unlimited light, arm cramps

Jason Dobson

Ammunition is not the only scarcity in Dead Space Extraction. In fact, flashlights seem even more difficult to come by, as miners on Aegis 7 are left to keep their wits about them basked in the comforting greenish hue of a "glow worm." The game's equivalent of glow sticks, glow worms offer an unlimited source of light that must be recharged by shaking the Wii remote.

As mentioned following our recent time with the game, the mechanic, which is described in greater detail on EA's Dead Space blog, certainly ups the scare factor. Still, we can't help but wonder if -- after 10 or so hours of vigorous shaking -- these glow worms will leave us clutching our arms, reeling from a wholly different kind of strategic dismemberment.

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